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Harbor Freight 44859 8X12 Lathe

A new lathe and table for metalworking projects.

The small lathe is also sold by another company, for a lot more money. They refer to it as an 8X14, which it is. Harbor Freight uses a different place to measure, but the lathe is exactly the same, except for the color.
    I no longer have this lathe, as I outgrew it and sold it to another beginning farm machinist. I am continuing to maintain this page since it still receives a good amount of traffic from folks looking for a beginner's lathe. It is an excellent small lathe and I'd be hard pressed to recommend any other for someone looking for a lathe of this size.

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Table & Drawers

Four drawers were formed for the lathe cabinet, by braking 14 Ga. sheet metal into a box shape and adding full suspension ball bearing slides. Threading change gears & threading dial shown in an open drawer.

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