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DRO Installation

Harbor Freight 40939 6X26 Knee Mill

I outgrew this mill and offered it for sale. It has been sold but I will keep this page up because it continues to attract visitors that are looking for more info on the small knee mill. It was a great little tool but I found the 6" spindle to column distance too limiting. If you are considering purchasing this or any of the other 6X26 mills on the market consider all the implications of this limitation. You will never be able to mill more than 6" on the Y-axis on one setup. The 6" distance is best case, it will usually be less.

Scroll through the thumbnail images and click on an image to enlarge  (11 images) (Nov '07)

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A new benchtop knee mill & table for metalworking projects.

Front view of the mill as it stands on the platform it was shipped on. The crate sides have been removed.

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